Hi. I am Kamalei.

My mission is to perpetuate all generations to live a life of sustainability, love, happiness, and gratitude through mindful and health conscious practices.

My home is your paradise. Pineapples, palm trees, poi and a great deal of potential. Hawaii is an organic melting pot of ethnicities, cultures, and food. Being raised in this magical space has exposed me to innovative cuisine, fresh flavor combinations, and unique cooking styles in addition to the more culturally traditional means of subsistence. 

My interest in healthy eating habits sparked when I decided to heal my beautiful scared temple of a body, all natural. At the time I was struggling with an “incurable” condition, endometriosis, that caused enormous amounts of pain and a lot of discomfort.  This lead me into a spiral of self consciousness, lack of confidence, and a genuine dislike of my body. It wasn’t until I hit rock bottom that I was determined to turn my self-sabotaging attitude around. I needed to learn how to heal my body and give it the love that it deserved. 

This challenging time lead me on a journey of self exploration and ultimately to self love. I discovered the healing modalities of meditation, mindfulness, yoga, crystals, nature, mantras, and simply looking inward for my peace. I practice self care in holistic ways and found salvation through essential oils and herbs. I nurtured my body through consuming whole organic foods vibrant and alive with color. I now enjoy sourcing my nourishment locally from farmers, friends, and even my own garden. 

Passionately living and practicing a natural and health conscious lifestyle has helped me to uncover my deepest aspirations and lead me to become a certified life coach. I now focus on how I can be of service to others and guide them on their path of growth through life design coaching.