"Not another diet!"

Over the years the way we as humans interact with food has significantly changed. Food used to be more commonly synonymous with growing your own crops, large festive gatherings, cultured home cooked meals, and the shear pleasure of enjoying a nourishing feast in good company. Now days these concepts are moving farther away from the meaning of eating. Food has become more like a chore than a pleasure. The busier our schedules get the less time we have to put any thought into what we are feeding our bodies. Our way of sustenance has now evolved into what is the quickest, most convenient, and generally affordable way to get the 3 main meals we were taught about growing up. All while trying to stay with in the guidelines of the newest low fat, grass fed, gluten free, less sugar, double organic, pesca-vegan-lacto-vegetarian diet fad. Training your body to restrict a list of food that changes with every new diet is exhausting. Especially when you discover that, "wow this diet really works!"... for a little while.

Each time I was faced with a new better-than-the-last diet, I was beginning to feel like I knew less and less about nutrition. Frustrated, I knew that there had to be an alternative to "the right way of eating." If only there was a way to discover how to eat the proper foods according to my own needs...


What is intuitive eating?

Not only does this provoke a completely different relationship with your food, it is also a whole new way of living. Intuitive eating is about tuning into your higher, inner-self and consciously choosing the right nutrition for your body at that moment. Combining the concept of mindful eating and holistic nutrition will help you realize the strong connection that your thoughts and perceptions have with the way you interact with food.

🍍Find joy in each bite with the practice of mindful eating

🍍Get educated on the basic health food staples that i believe in

🍍Grow your love of self and develop your mind-body connection

🍍Gain awareness of energy levels and inner sensations

🍍Honor your hunger and learn to eat for ENERGY

🍍Discover the balance of satisfaction


How can I be sure intuitive eating is right for me?

This lifestyle and way of thinking is available to everyone and is designed just for you by you. Your body, your intuition, and your guidelines. I will help you along the journey of discovering what is best for your body and lifestyle. Together we will create a custom designed plan that incorporates mindful and holistic practices to insure you are gaining optimal health benefits for your whole self.


Your custom designed plan will involve...

  • Releasing old beliefs on eating patterns and negative perceptions of food
  • Learning to cook healthy foods inspired by your lifestyle
  • Planning for convenience when preparing meals
  • Cleansing of the mind, body, and space through detox
  • Education on the proper fuel for your body
  • Gaining awareness of inner body sensations and energy levels
  • Being attuned to your body's cravings and needs
  • Creating healthy eating habits designed best for you
"Your intuition is a product of your mind, body, and spiritual knowing. It is a part of your body ... but it's not ONLY your body." -Isabel Foxen Duke
🍍 🍍 🍍